You love the outdoors, but limitations, either of time or the body prevent you from embarking on a tough 10-15 day expedition style trek.

Well, we have just the right kind of adventure activity for you. A short hike of 4-5 km to a green meadow nestled amidst the mighty snow-capped Himalayas, setting up camp, cooking food, day-hikes, dinner over bonfire under a starlit sky, sleeping inside tents and then returning back to civilization.

Saturday-Sunday and two more days are all you will need to enjoy this bliss in the lap of nature, and, that too, at a very competitive price.

There are several spots in the Himalayas where we can arrange a quick camping trip for your family, friends, employees or students. Call us on +91-9717110658 or drop in a mail at for details.


So, when are you coming to recharge your batteries?

Upcoming Trekking Events


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