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“It’s not about us or HMRA, but it’s about Adventure”

When you cannot find God or his existence, then leave everything and go for adventure. Either you will find him, or, you will discover a reason for your existence. HMRA is all about finding yourself, that inner God!

HMRA is abbreviated as Himalayan Monk Riders Association and registered as Himalayan Monk Riders Associates Private Limited under the Indian Companies Act 1956 having its registered address at EXB-24, Shop No. 2-3, Street No. 1, Hari Nagar, New Delhi, 110064 on 6th of June 2013.

Come, join us and we will help you clean your inner spirit from the dust and grime of city life. Get your boots on.

What We Are

In colloquial Hindi, HMRA (read hamra, हमरा) stands for mine or our. As a travel and adventure company, we treat our clients’ dreams and demands as our own and strive to satisfy it to our utmost.

Our Services and Customised Packages

We offer expert guidance in motorcycling expeditions, especially in the remote and exotic Himalayan region, trekking (moderate and extreme), mountain biking, jungle safaris, bird watching, rafting, kayaking, paragliding and, specialized adventure programmes for corporate groups and school and college students.

We have customized packages at competitive rates for all adventure-seekers irrespective of age or gender. We firmly believe that no one should be prevented from exploring nature in its pristine best just because of safety, time or price concerns.

We help our clients rejuvenate themselves through a gamut of adventure activities in accordance with their time schedule, age, mood and spending preferences.


What You Have To Do

Just send a query about our upcoming expeditions or your plan to JIGYASA@HMRA.IN  and we will be right there in your mailbox with all the information.

Jigyasa is a word in Sanskrit, which means Query’ or Intention to know’ 

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Registered Name:
Himalayan Monk Riders Associates Pvt Ltd

CIN Number:

Registered Office Address:
EXB-24, Shop No. 2-3, Street No. 1, Hari Nagar, New Delhi, 110064

Divisional Office Address:
007, New Sarika Nagar, Thatipur, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474011


Any query about expeditions/stay/events/company/packages/cost/adventure

cellular-phone      +917512348617


WHATSAPP      +919717110658


Any kind of complaint/grievance related to our services

cellular-phone      +917512348617


WHATSAPP      +919717110658

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